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Talking Muslim Doll Aamina by Desi Doll speaks Arabic and English - New improved Edition

Learning about Islam is so much fun with your child’s new friend Aamina. She is a 16” plush interactive islamic interactive doll that talks and sings in Arabic and English and teaches Islam in a fun way. 

In this New version, Aamina recites Fatiah, Ikhlas, Kawthar, Kafiroon, Asr,  and Naas, with English translation and also teaches how to say Assalam o alaykum, Bismillah, Aaudu Billah, Lailaha illallah, InshaAllah, MashaAllah, Al Hamdulliah, SubhanAllah, Jazak allah, Fi Amanillah, and 5 fun songs about Islam.

Eid gift, birthday, Ramadan, or whatever the treat - buy this amazing gift for your children now to get them learning about Islam in an enjoyable way.