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The Absolute Essentials of Islam

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A Basic Hanafi Primer on Faith; Prayer; & the Path of Salvation. Compiled by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani; based on Shaykh Amin Jundi's Islah 'Ilm al-Hal.

Allah has commanded us to worship and obey Him; with sincerity; out of reverence; love; and thankfulness. He says in the Quran; "And they are ordered only to serve Allah; keeping religion pure for Him; to remain upright; and to establish worship and to pay the poor-due. That is true religion'' (Quraan; 98.5).

This worship is not possible without knowledge. This short work outlines the absolute essentials of this knowledge: in faith; prayer; and key points related to ones life and dealings.

It is based on the methodology of traditional Sunni Islam; according to the Hanafi school; the largest school of Islamic law; and its purpose is to make ones worship valid; sound; and proper in a short amount of time.

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