The Best of Times in Islam

This book deals with the virtues and significance of important days, night and festivals in Islam. These special times of great reward are meant to encourage Muslims to perform additional voluntary worship on a regular basis. Unlike popular books on this subject, the author has made constant references to the Quran and he tried his best to quote only Prophetic Traditions (Ahadith) which have been authenticated by the leading classical and modern traditionalists. This was necessary so that it gives the readers greater confidence in relying and acting upon them.

This book also deals with rites of passage of Islam. The author also included some major historical events from the Prophet’s life (Sirah) so that by reflecting upon these events on a regular basis, it will help Muslim to remember their glorious past. The topics of this book are arranged according to the months of the Islamic calendar. At a time when the practical usage of the Islamic Calendar is increasingly diminishing, this book encourages Muslims to reaffirm their cultural heritage by using the Islamic Calendar more frequently.

Author: Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad
Binding: Paper Back

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