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The Boy and The King DVD

The Boy and The King DVD
SL: 07

The boy and the king is the legend of Obaid, a young man who must choose either to live an easy life in this world or to struggle for the reward in the hereafter. The story takes place in the time of Narsis, a tyrant who controls his people by encouraging them to worship idols and frightening them with the magic of Cinatas, his evil sorcerer. Cinatas chooses Obaid to be his apprentice. At first, the boy is tempted by dreams of the power and the influence he will wield as the king's next sorcerer.

But, something happens t make him question his doings and priorities.

Produced by Alla Animation.
Running Time 1 Hour 18 Minutes
Suitable for age 3 years and above.
DVD Formart: PAL

This is a PAL DVD but can also work in most new DVD players around the word with a little adjustment required for settings of some DVD players. Most DVD players will automatically recognise the format and play.