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The Colour Blind Boy by Mohammad Yaseen

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Abdullah has just moved to a new school.As a newcomer, he find himself victim of gang who starts bullying him. Help comes from an unexpected quarters, a new friendship is struck between Abdullah and his friend, together they confront the bullies and the friendship is develloped in its true Islamic Meaning.

The Moral of the Story - We are one Ummah regardless of the Colour of our skin

Abdullah soon learns that sometimes it's just the way we choose to see things and that is why we see them the way we do.

Maybe if we looked at them in a different way, they may not seem so bad after all...

' It was hard for the words to come out but Abdullah Knew he had to say them.

'He's White' ...............................

'And so?' his dad said in a questioning tone.


30 Pages

Recommended for ages: 7-11