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The Da'wah of Sayyiduna Nuh (upon him be peace)

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Commentary of Surah an-Nuh (The 71st Chapter of The Glorious Qur'an)

Success in both worlds lies in following the noble prophets. Chastisement for those who reject them is repeatedly cited in the in the Noble Qur'an. The most significant episode of this is the one of Prophet Nuh upon him be peace and his community.

His mention in the Noble Qur'an, in a chapter under the same name, holds host to a whole range of lessons where Tawhid has been explained and proven. Shirk, polytheism and idol-worship have been refuted. This book attempts to bring a deeper understanding of this Surah to the doorstep of the reader as well as unveiling many sub-topics buried within the Surah.

This book will educate the readerwith the efforts made by the Prophets of Allah in conveying His message to His creation. This, in result, will encourage the reader to follow in their footsteps by inviting the creation of Allah to their Creator and to bring them closer to him.

About the author:

Shaykh Abu an-Nu'man Abdur Raheem is a senior lecturer of Hadith at Darul 'Uloom Bury.