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The Essentials of Jumu'a

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Table of Contents

What are the Obligatory and Sunnah requirements of the Jumu'a sermon?

Can a woman lead in Jumu'a?

Can the sermon be delivered in a language other than Arabic?

Can Jumu'a be held before noon?

Is the first call [adhan] for Jumu'a a bidah?

Questions such as these have often been the cause of much controversy and confusion within the Muslim community. This book addresses these issues in a simple and concise format which is both easy to understand and thoroughly referenced so as to provide a comprehensive picture in light of the Quran and Sunna.

Inlayed with fine points and rational explanations, The Essentials of Jumua offers insight into this holiest of days and eliminates many of the misunderstandings regarding various Jumua-related issues. It lays out the conditions for establishing Jumua, the effects and consequences of missing Jumua, the special time of Jumua when Allah guarantees acceptance of all duas [supplications], the history and etymology of Jumua, and many other relevant and interesting facts. The author covers a wide array of topics within this book, making it useful for the imam and the congregation.

The Essentials of Jumua is a complete handbook necessary for any Muslim who wishes to understand the place of Jumu'a within Islam.

SHAIKH IBRAHIM MADANI was born in the blessed city of

Madina, where he began memorization of the Holy Quran and study of Hadith. As a child, he attended the lessons of the great Shaikh of Hadith, Muhammad Zakariyya , winning his adoration and duas.

In 1980, Shaikh Zakariyya instructed him to study at Daral-Uloom (


England) where he completed memorization of the Holy Quran and his study of the sciences of Quran and Hadith.  In 1987 he served as Imam in

Ontario, before moving to

New York with his father and brothers to help establish Dar al-Uloom al-Madania, the largest traditional school of Islamic sciences in

North America.                              

Since 1991, Shaikh Ibrahim has been teaching Arabic, Islamic Jurisprudence, Hadith, and Quran. He regularly lectures at colleges, churches and Mosques all over the

United States and abroad. In addition to delivering inspirational talks daily in the blessed month of Ramadan and giving sermons every Jumua, he has conducted sessions on the attributes of Allah, the Pious Predecessors, and the exegesis [tafsir] of the Quran. All of his sessions can be heard and downloaded for free from www.madania.org.