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The Excellence of following the Sunnah

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The Excellence of following the Sunnah
This short treatise by Dr. Muhammad Ibn 'Umar Bazmool (Umm al-Qura University) answers the important questions: What is the Sunnah and how does implementing it benefit the Believer?
The author explains that the Sunnah has two meanings: a linguistic (Arabic) meaning and a religious meaning. He focuses his study on the religious context, expanding upon the different types of Sunan:
As-Sunnatul-Qawliyyah (speech)
As-Sunnatul-Fi'liyyah (action)
As-Sunnatut-Taqreeriyyah (tacit approval)
As-Sifatul-Khuluqiyyah (tacit approval)
In addition, he discusses the two types of Sunnah: The clear Sunnah and the implied Sunnah.
To conclude, twelve points of benefit summarise the excellence of the Sunnah, its lofty status and clear any misconceptions surrounding this noble topic.