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The Explanation of Usul As-Sunnah of Imam Ahmed Explained by Shaykh Ibn Jibrin

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The Explanation of Usul As-Sunnah, by Shaykh Al-Jibreen

The book 'Usūl As-Sunnah' is a book of Islamic creed, authored by one of the most famous Imams in Islamic history the Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal.

Although previously translated into English, this book has been in need of a scholarly explanation for many years. Therefore to fill this void, 5 Pillars Publishing presents the explanation of the well-known scholar, Shaykh Ibn Jibreen, due to its concise but comprehensive nature.

Furthermore, all narrations have been checked for authenticity and a number of points of benefit from the words of the well-known scholars which elucidate the book’s contents further, have been added.

136 Pages