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The Fiqh Madhhab of Ahl-Ul-Hadith by Shaykh Mashhur Bin Hasan Al Salman

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Ahl ulHadith have a Madhhab which is mentioned within the books; it is a madhhab which has distinguishing characteristics and particularities. Between it and the Madhhab of the fuqqaha (jurists), and the Dhahiri Madhhab, are signs which are hidden from some students. There is indication, and actually clear texts, within the hadith and narrations, which contains a clear mention of the madhhab of Ahl ul-Hadith. The Madhhab of Ahl ul-Hadith and the Madhhab of Ahl us–Sunnah , the Madhhab of Ahl ul-Athar is the Salafi Madhhab. ‘Salafiyyah’ and Ahl ul-hadith are two synonymous terms, however the terms ‘Ahl ul-Hadith and Ahl us –Sunnah are relayed in some prophetic texts and in some narrations from the companions and the successors. As for fiqh, then it is not merely babbling the statements of others then elaborating on them, rather fiqh is to achieve the truth which Allah loves.

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