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The Ideal Muslim Society

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The Ideal Muslim Society
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In a world plagued with wars; racism; political turmoil; economic downturns and social anguish; many people are looking for an alternative in which justice; freedom; decency and common sense prevail. Such societies have existed in the past; in the golden eras of Islamic Civilization; and we have the hope that; if Allah wills; such a society may appear again.

In The Ideal Muslim Society; Dr Muhammad Ali Al Hashimi gives us a detailed picture of what this society would look like. Drawing n his extensive research of Islamic history and contrasting the ideal with the sorry state of affairs in human societies today; he explores the religious; political; economic; social and other facets of this ideal society; illustrating everything from the responsibilities of those in authority to the interactions between individuals on the humblest levels. For those who are longing to see a better world; this book offers practical ideas and hope.