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The importance of dawah by Murtaza khan

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We must understand the realities in which the Muslims who receive our Da'wah live , so we can change the realities in which they live, limitations in their understanding, weakness in their commitment, or extremism in their views into a complete, pure, and robust understanding of Islam as described by the Prophet Salla Allahu Alyhi Wasalam. We must also explain the complete Islamic requirements and the way to fulfil these requirements in a satisfactory fashion. With some studying and analysis of our societies, we find that weakness of Iman or the sedated Iman in the people's hearts, coupled with a lack of understanding of the realities of this Deen and ignorance of the cultural and social invasion of Muslim minds are plaguing the hearts of most Muslims and are facilitating to the enemies of Allah the manipulation of some Muslims to fight the Deen visibly and invisibly.

Speaker: Murtaza Khan