The Isra And Miraj: The Prophet's Night Journey and Ascent

Abd-Allah Hajjaj has compiled from al-Fath al-Bari a selection of Hadith on the Isra, the prophet Muamad's (S) Night-Journey from te kabah in makkah to Bayt al-Maqdis- Jerusalem, and the Mi'raj, the prophet Muhammad's (S) ascension to heaven. This selection of Hadith takes us from Makkah to jerusalem then up to shows us the wonders of paradise.

The Isra and Miraj are of graet importance to all Muslims, for this is when Alah commanded the five daily preayers, on of the five pillars of Islam, also prophet Muhammad (S) leading all the other prophets in prayer shows tahtIslam is the fulfilment and perfection of mankind's religious devolpment, and that he was te last and greatest of Allah's Messengers.

Author: Abd Allah Hajjaj Translation by: Huda Khattab
Binding: Paper Back

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Save 15% on your first order