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The Life of Imam Bin Baz by Shaykh, Dr Fahad al-Fuhayd

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We would like to present to you, dear reader, a short biography of the late Shaykh ‘Abdul-Aziz bin Abdillah bin Abdir-Rahman bin Muhammad bin Abdillah bin Baz, who was the Grand Mufti, the highest ranking scholar in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Indeed the Shaykh set an example for the Muslim youth wherever they may be; his main concern besides studying the Shariah was Dawah, both inside and outside the country. Shaykh ibn Baz had also undertaken a number of charitable organizations.

On Thursday morning May 31, 1999 and at the age of 90, Shaykh ibn Baz died. The next day hundreds of thousands of people performed funeral prayers at the holy Mosque in Makkah for him.

We asked one of Shaykh Ibn Baz’s former students, Shaykh Fahad al-Fuhayd, to share with us some of the details of who this scholar and Imam was from a firsthand account. This is what he said …

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