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The Muslims in Spain

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Taking his interest in the Islamic conquest to its northwestern
frontier, Lane-Pool here considers the history of the Moors in Spain.
Beginning with the end of the Goth reign in Spain, he moves on to a
plain account of the conquest. The famous battles and their various
outcomes are recorded. Spain, divided along the territory of Andalusia,
was now under the influence of the Moors. Lane-Pool narrates the
adventures of Abdur-Rahman and his role in the history of southern
Spain where Christians were martyred and he eventually became the great
khalif. Skirmishes and battles between the Muslim and Christian
populations of Spain and the wonders of Cordova are likewise narrated.
Takeover by the Berbers and the rise of El Cid are included in the broad
sweep of the conquest. The establishment and fall of Granada mark the
final events covered in this history. A gripping account for students of
history, this treatment of the Islamic presence in Europe is a solid
piece of research that has stood the test of time.

Stanley Lane-Poole (1854-1931) was a British Orientalist and
archaeologist. He began his career in the British Museum, but moved to
Egypt where he worked as an archaeologist. He later became Professor of
Arabic Studies at Dublin University.