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The Mysteries of Jesus

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Some eighty generations of Christians have gone to the grave believing reasonable confidence that Jesus was the son of God. Twenty five percent of the worldÆs Population, we are told, still entertain no doubt on the subject. Many talk about Jesus with great familiarity and certainty, as if they knew him Personally, or had witnessed the events of his life. Some people know their New Testament so well, and have analyzed it so minutely, that they have been able to erect wonderful descriptive edifices and theories on rather modest foundations If any Christians begin to experience doubt the utmost disquiet ensues, because love of Jesus has always been seen by them as the highest of all possible callings, and service to him the noblest way of life. The claim with which they have been familiar is that the self- sacrifice of God in the form of Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation This book is a fascinating read as it delves into Christian and Islamic viewpoints on the Prophet Jesus. The author provides a coherent and logical argument behind why much of the early 'Christian' teachings as taught by Jesus were lost so soon after he had 'left us', and why so much of modern Christian theology is little more than a mish-mash of pagan beliefs and political maneuvering on the part of the early Christians. A great read for anyone interested in who Jesus really was and the conflicts between the teachings of Jewish Christians (including James, the brother of Jesus), the Trinitarian Christianity of Paul, and the Unitarian Christian as followed in the east at the time.

Author: Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood
Binding: Paperback