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The Night Prayer In Ramadaan

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The Night Prayer In Ramadaan
SL: 00000

Before you is a complete translation of the book "Qiyaamu Ramadaan" (the Night Prayer in Ramadaan) written by Imaam Muhammad Naasirud-Deen al-Albaanee. This treatise is in essence an abridged version of one of al-Albaanee's other books, Salaatut-Taraaweeh, along with several additional points of benefit and a section on 'Itikaaf. The book's introduction also consists of a counter-refutation against those who replied to al-Albaanee's afore-mentioned book of Taraaweeh.

The main core of the book, however, contains a point-by-point discussion on the Night Prayer in Ramadaan, as well as the benefits and rulings of 'Itikaaf, lsong with their evidences. The Arabic text for all the ayaat and ahadeeth has also been included in this edition so as to increase the benefit for those readers who wish to memorize the proofs.