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The Obligation of the Servant

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The Obligation of the Servant
The Sheikh titled it “The Obligation of the Servant when Allah commands him with a command”.
What is the servant’s obligation towards Allah’s – the Blessed and Exalted – commandments? This is the thing that the Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab – May Allah have mercy upon him, tries to make obvious in this brief treatise that is of great benefit and lofty status. And this is a brief explanation for this book. I [Sheikh Raslan] ask Allah the Exalted by His beautiful names and His perfect attributes that He grant us sincerity and acceptance in regards to this treatise.
I say [Sheikh Raslan]: Knowledge of that which Allah has commissioned His servant with and establishing it in a manner that fits the charge [by Allah]; whereas it is executed [Allah’s commandments] and is abandoned [Allah’s prohibition] is the purpose why Allah created the creation.