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The Obligation of the Servant When Allah Commands Him With a Command by Shaykh Muhmmad ibn Abdul Wahhab

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Sheikh Raslaan said:

“The entire religion is comprised of worship, and the original meaning of worship is humility.

Worship is [also] referred to as a pathway because it is paved by footsteps constantly crossing it. Therefore, worship can be understood as the commandments of Allâh upon His servants which include the highest level of humility and love for Allâh the Exalted.

The great Sheikh Ibn Qayyim - [may Allâh have mercy on him]-, said in his book An-Nooniyah: “And the worship of the Most Merciful [Allâh] is the highest level of love for Him, combined with the servant’s humility.

Both of them are its axis. And upon these two [axes], worship revolves, and worship will not revolve, until these two [love and humility] are established. And they depend upon the command of His [Allâh’s] Messenger and not upon desires, whims and Shaitân.”

So upon these two axes Al-Hibbu [love], and Adh-Dhullu [humility], circulates in the orbit of worship and one will not suffice without the other in the worship of Allâh the Exalted. Rather, it is obligatory that Allâh the Exalted is more beloved and greater to the servant than anything else. No one deserves complete love and obedience, except Allâh.”

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