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The Principles of Islaam

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These are 3 principles of Deen which all Ambiyaa  preached, from the time of Hadhrat Adam till our beloved Nabi Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him and peace).

These are belief in 1) Taqleed, 2) Risalaat (Prophethood) and 3) Aakhiraat (life after death)

This book elucidates and proved the above with proofs from the sources of Shariat and logical conclusions.

In the process it refutes the Majoos, Christians, Jews, Hindu, AryaSamaj and Buddhist whilst proving Tauheed.

It explains who is a Nabi and Rasul. The need for Ambiyaa and discusses Wahi and Ilham. Shows the difference between miracles, and black magic, Irhaas, Karamaat and Istijraaj.

Then concludes by discussing what is Qiyaamat and Barzakh.