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The Problems of the Dawah Call and the Duaat Callers in the Present Era by Muhammad Amaana Al Jaami

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The Islamic Dawah is living in this present era a lifestyle. the likes of which was never found in the previous era. The problems are so many and numerous that.

They made the Duaats of truth occupied with the issue of the Dawah and its various problems and how to overcome these problems to the point that it has become their major concern.

It is possible for us to summarize the most serious ones of those problems in the following:

1. Ignorance and that is a lack of understanding Islaam in its correct manner.

2. The Contradictions that befall some duaats sometimes.

3. Alienation and lack of unity between those who associate themsleves to this dawah.

4. The Existence of some deviated sects that work in some countries while bearing the slogan on Islaam, for example the Qaadiyans.

5. The fruitless curriculum that are being taught in most of our universities.

6. The reminant traces of colonization that are still found in most Islamic countries.

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