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The Three Abandoned Prayers

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The Three Abandoned Prayers

An explanation of three great blessed prayers; which have been abandoned by the Muslims; except for those whom Allah has shown mercy towards. As for the first; then it is Salaat-ul-Istikhaarah (the prayer for seeking guidance) in which the servant seeks guidance from his lord and seeks the counsel of his creator and by it the servant actualizes his servitude to Allah - the most High; and it is built upon the truthfulness of his certainty and his assurance in his Lord. So; what a spiritually immense prayer it is; endowing the Muslim with tranquility and restfulness; increasing his emaan (faith) with emaan; by the penetrating power of Allah; and His powerful will; not to speak of it bestowing constancy; satisfaction; and submission to the Decree of Al-Jabbar (the compeller). So how great a prayer it is; and how splendid a worship it is.