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Towards Understanding Our Religion Volume 1

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Towards Understanding Our Religion Volume 1

Collected Writings from the Archives of Al-Basheer, the Magazine
From the back cover: Al-Basheer was a magazine dedicated to Islamic sciences. It was published from 1987 to 1995. During that time, it developed a small but very loyal following. Since it stopped being produced, there have been numerous requests for reprints of the old issues. Another and better suggestion was decided upon: reprinting of the original articles in book form. This is the first volume of such a proposed series. This particular volume contains a number of articles from the editor of al-Basheer, Jaal al-Din Zarabozo.

The articles contained in this volume come from the first two years of al-Basheer. Among the numerous articles contained herein are:
- Allah's Description of the Hypocrites, Between Islam and Kufr, Islam and Innovations.
- The Meaning of Bidah.
- There is no Compulsion in the Religion.
- Daily Congregational Prayers and Combining the Prayers./
- Zakaat and Jewelry.
- Preserver of the Sunnah.
- The Importance of Jihad in the Life of a Muslim.
- The Importance of the Sunnah and Hadith in Islam.

These articles have been in great demand and it is hoped that their publication in book form will ease access to them on a large scale.