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Weekend Learning - Islamic Studies Level 5

Level 5 books is for 9-12 year old children who have completed
Level 4 book from Weekend Learning Series or children who have acquired
Islamic knowledge. Ideally, fifth-grade students should use this

With the progress through Islamic Studies curriculum, students
are now
introduced to additional new topics with greater depth. Islamic
Studies Level 3 book provided a short summary of the Makkah and Madinah
Islamic Studies Level 4 book provided a short summary of the key
events in Makkah. Now, the Level 5 book introduces the key events in
for example, the battles in MadinahÃÆâ€Ã¢â€žÂ¢ÃƒÆ’ĉ€Ã…¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢€"leading to the Hudaibiyah
Treaty and Liberation of Makkah. The key events from the life of Adam
(A), Luqman (A),
Ayyub (A), Zakariyyah (A), and Yahya (A) are covered. The events
from the life of Ibrahim (A) and Yusuf (A) are covered in multiple