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Weekend Learning - Islamic Studies Level 7

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Level 7 book is for 11 to 14 year old children who have completed
Level 6 book from Weekend Learning Series or children who have similar
knowledge. Ideally, seventh-grade students should use this book.

As the students progress through Islamic Studies curriculum,
students are now introduced
to additional new topics with greater depth. For example,
Istighfar, Islamic Greetings, Amr Bil Ma'ruf, Guarding our Tongues,
Lailatul Qadr,
Characters of the Prophets, Permitted and Prohibited and so forth
are covered. Additional details from the lives of Adam (A), Ibrahim
(A), Lut (A),
and Yusuf (A) are covered with special emphasis on the morals
from their lives. The stories of the Companions of Cave and
Dhul-Qurnain are told in
proper light from the Quran. Life and activities of Abu Sufyan
and Khalid Ibn Walid are covered to show why they opposed Rasullullah
(S) and how
they accepted Islam later in their lives. Many other lessons
cover Islamic values and morals.