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Weekend Learning - Islamic Studies Level 8

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Level 8 book is for 12 to 15 year old children who have completed
Level 7 book from Weekend Learning Series or children who have acquired
Islamic knowledge. Ideally, eighth-grade students should use this

With the progress through Islamic Studies curriculum, students
are now
introduced to additional new topics with greater depth. These
mature students will now learn the objective of the Quran with a new
perspective. Interesting
topics such as Trials in Life, Importance of Hope, Friends and
Duties Toward Parents and so forth are covered. These topics will
build excellent moral grounds in the students. The book reintroduces
some of the
key events from Rasulullah's (S) life in Makkah with an objective
to highlight the abiding teachings we can learn from them. Studnets
will learn the history of the
major battles and also the activities of some of the non-Muslim
tribes living in Madinah. Several other topics
cover Islamic values and morals.