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Weekend Learning - Islamic Studies Level 9

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Level 9 Islamic Studies textbook is for 13 to 15 year old
students who have completed Level 8 book from Weekend Learning Series or
students who have acquired similar Islamic knowledge.
Ideally, ninth- or tenth-grade students should use this book.

Students in this age-group are serious readers and they can
analyze complex topics. For this reason,
in this book, students are now introduced to additional
age-appropriate, moral-building topics with greater depth. Thought
provoking topics such as Ponder
Over the Quran, Islam and Violence, Peer Pressure, Alcohol and
Gambling, Permitted and Prohibited Food, Food of the People of the Book,
Family Values and so forth are covered. Many of these topics
provide materials for inter-faith discussion. All topics are sure to
provide high-school
students sufficient materials for serious, intelligent