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What Islam Is All About - Student Textbook

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Islam is the way of life for millions of people around the world. Its teachings guide people to live harmoniously and in balance with themselves, others and the world around them. Everyday people come into contact with Islam and those who practice this faith. The need to know about Islamic teachings has become more important than ever.


Americans have been yearning for a book that would present the clear and precise Islamic view of life in a format that not only invites further study and research, but that also provides the path to achieve this goal.


What Islam Is All About is a textbook designed meet all of those needs. In one volume is included the basic history of the Prophet Muhammad, the teachings of Islam, the history of the ancient Prophets, the study of the Quran and the life within it, Islamic law, Hadith (Prophetic Tradition), contemporary issues and many more.


Perfect for Religious schools, adult study classes, independent learners, students of religion, seekers of truth and anyone interested to know more about Islam from an insider's point of view. You will not find a more complete, compelling and pleasant presentation of Islam and what it teaches anywhere else!