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What the Notables Have Narrated About Not Going To The Rulers by Al-Hafidh Jalauddin As-Suyuti

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The author of this treatise is al-Hafidh as-Suyuti. He was pure, kind, righteous, pious and observant of his sustenance. The wealthy leaders would come and visit, him and present wealth to him which he would reject. Towards the end of his life he secluded himself away in his homes and occupied himself with knowledge and authoring until he was afflicted with an illness which ended with his death in 911 AH (1505 CE), may Allah have mercy on him, May Allah reward the editor of this work with the best of rewards and increase him in success in order to produce more of the likes of these valuable treatises from the books of the Sunnah which are a light and blessing for the Muslims. We ask Allah, the Most Blessed, to make this work sincerely for His Noble Countenance and our last supplication is that all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.


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