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When Desire Takes Over [Part 2]

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When Desire Takes Over [Part 2] - Advice For The Youth


A follow up to the engaging and well-received When Desire Takes Over.



Good Company

Loving Someone You Can't Be With

Dealing With Haters

Linkages & Secrecy

Being A Suspicious Character

Reading Too Hard In Between Lines

Vanity & Its Harms

Reflections On 'Rinsing Guys' & Glamour Girls

Bling Like The Moon

Fine! I'll Just Take My Hijab Off

Gym, Sports & Muscle

Cyber Chat

Gang Wars & Beef Tings

Fighting Muslims Over Petty Issues


Clubbing & Raving

Shisha Cafes

Alcohol & Intoxicants

Shotting Drugs

The Tarawih Loiterors & Drumstick Biters

Speak Properly & Clean a Foul Mouth

Remembering Death & Standing before Allah

Quotes & Poetry