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Who Are The Blind Followers?

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Who Are The Blind Followers - A revised Edition of 'Why Is Taqleed Necessary?'

In this day and era in which every person claims to be an Islamic 'thinker', 'scholar', and 'researcher' in his own right and much unwarranted and devious criticism is being leveled against people who rightly recognize the significance of Taqlid, i.e. the unflinching and unwavering adherence to one Madh-hab in religious matters, there was a great need to remove doubts created in the minds of the unwary public. The author has very ably compiled this booklet wherein the replies to many pertinent questions pertaining to Taqlid have been given. The layout of the book is admirable in that it has been prepared in questions and answer format thus making it convenient for readers to find convincing replies to pertinent issues. He has endevoured to present the subject in layman's language, thereby facilitating its comprehension for as many readers as possible. Some of the issues tackled in the book are:

What is the need for different Madh-habs when there is one Quran and one [final] Prophet? Why do only four Madh-habs exist? Can all four schools of jurisprudence be concurrently correct? If a man claims to be following the fiqh of Imam al-Bukhari, will he not be on the straight path? List ten of the mist distinguished schlars of hadith, who hailed from different lands, and followed one of the four madh-habs. Explain Taqlid through a practical example; and more ...

The book consists of 25 similar questions about Taqlid. At the end of the book a summary has been presented of a debate between two scholars. Thereafter, as an example of how easily people are misled, the issue of performing salah with short-sleeves has been dealt with in detail.