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Your Money Matters by Mohammad Rahman PhD

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The Islamic approach to Business, Money and work.

The issue of religion in business and personal financial matters may seem incongruous in the context of the twenty-first century. However, Islam as a religion has always paid attention to material issues. By its very definition of "submission", Islam imbues every aspect of a Muslim's life, and that includes money management.

Today, personal and business financial issues affect nearly every one of the billion or so Muslims across the globe in way or another. Not surprisingly, the twenty-first century has already witnessed the phenomenal rise of Islamic finance to a multi-billion dollar industry.

This book highlights many issues in Islam that will, Allah (God) willing, prove to be important and relevant to Muslims when they engage in tasks related to personal finances, business administration, investment and work.

Readers will find an overview of relevant excerpts from the Quran and the authentic Sunnah.

Non-Muslims as well can gain valuable insights from this book that should prove useful in today's multi-cultural business landscapes.

280 Pages