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Zaahir & Jamel the Camel at the Mosque (PB)

The early reader rhyming series is based upon a young Muslim boy (Zaahir) and his furry friend (Jamel the Camel). Come along with them and experience the pleasure and joy of this beautiful ride to the mosque. Learning about Islam will be more fun than ever with your Muslim Pals Zaahir & Jamel the Camel! This book comes complete with an Islamic Quiz, Puzzle, Arabic Activity, Glossary and much more? Zaahir & Jamel are your Muslim Pals fast and true. This book is a fun world they?d love to share with you! Come take a look and see what?s inside. Make sure you hang on? it?s quite a ride! With puzzles, quizzes, a glossary and more? This book makes learning Islam fun to the core! Now, turn the pages and grab a comfy seat. Who knew visiting the Mosque could be so neat?!

Goodword Books
Author: Amatullah Al Marwani
Binding: Paperback