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Zahra's Second Year At The Khadija Academy

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Zahra's Second Year At The Khadija Academy - The Fourth Book of the Zahra Series

It's Zahra's second year at the Khadija Academy for Aspiring Young Women
and she's delighted to be reunited with her friends, Marya, Hannah and
Jo. Determined to stay out of trouble this term, Zahra does her best to
behave, until the discovery of a secret passage and hidden treasure soon
leads to a new adventure!

dont think we should look inside the chest,'' Marya said tearfully.
''There might be something bad hiding ... like snakes ... or ... ''

''We'll be careful, '' Zahra promised. ''Really careful when we open it and ... wait Hannah!''

But Hannah had already opened the chest and was staring down in amazement. 

''Is it good or bad ?'' Jo asked.

Hannah picked up something shiny.

''Is this real gold?''