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Zahra's Trip To Misr

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Zahra's Trip To Misr - The Third Book of the Zahra Series

Marya's voice trailed off as a camel ran past them at full speed, carrying a terrified girl on its back.

''That's an academy pupil,'' Zahra whispered. ''Who can it be?''

''I want to get off!'' Marya declared fearfully, her eyes on the animal running frantically in the desert. Five men were now chasing it and the girl looked like she was just seconds from falling off. ''I want to get off this camel now!''


It is the summer holidays and the Khadija Academy girls are visiting the land of pharoahs and pyramids on what promises to be a trip full of sun, fun and laughter. Trouble, however, is not far away and the girls of form Aleef soon find themselves in the middle of it.

Join Zahra and her friends in this new adventure packed with mystery and suspense!