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ZANBEAL Leather Quran Box Islamic Gift Set

Have you been struggling to find the perfect gift for Ramadan and Eid ? Perhaps you are unsure what to add to your Engagement or Dowry hampers? Or you wanted a gift for your friends & family after Hajj or Umrah ? 

We have heard our customers frustrations over the years and decided to introduce our own range of high quality Islamic gifts to suit various occasions...

 IntroducingZANBEAL'sLeather Quran Box Islamic Gift Set. Elegantly crafted with a deep reverence for tradition, thisZANBEAL Quran Box Gift Set is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and spiritual thought. 

Rich, matte exterior adorned with ornate golden arabesque patterns and intricate Islamic calligraphy that resonate with our heritage at ZANBEAL. Centrepiece features the revered name of Allah in a stunning golden script which has been set within a detailed mandala. On opening the plated hinged lid, the continuation of the meticulous design links the exterior with the interior. 

ZANBEAL Quran Box set secures the sacred Quran, with a matching leather cover that carries the same golden calligraphy. It is accompanied by the tasbih, a delicate prayer bead strand, with toned beads and gold accents. This set is more than a functional item; it is a piece of art that celebrates the Islamic faith. Perfect for daily recitations and a stately addition to any home. 

Here's what Ibrahim had to say about our new range, "This was a perfect gift to my parents after completing my Umrah! The attention to detail is amazing and my mum has made this a centrepiece of her living room !!"


ZANBEAL Quran Box Gift set usually retails for £59.99. However, right now you can save big as we are celebrating the launch of our new range. 


Dimensions (cm) : 21 x 27 Leather Quran Box with 17 x 25 Quran and Tasbih.

Colours : Black, Brown , Green